Guides and tour operation




We take in tourist groups.

Depending on the group size and frequency of visits we offer the following::

  1. Travel agencies with regular tours and groups starting from 15 people:

If you would like to include our factory in your scheduled route, please pay attention to the following factors:

a) We do have days and hours that have been pre-booked by another agencies/activities, so please make sure you let us know about your plans. Please inform us, at least a day prior to the visit, about the number of groups planned, headcount of tourists and expected timing of the visits.

b) We make a fascinating presentation for our travel groups whereby we tell the story of chocolate and offer 8-9 kinds of chocolate for tasting.

Average stop-by time of tourist groups with us is 30-40 minutes.

c) We carry out tentative/informative presentation for the travel guides in the beginning of the season, in April.

d) Any changes in timing, plans or routes should be related to us asap via Viber. It is necessary to avoid groups’ overlap.

  1. Private guides:

a) We neither charge for our presentations nor pay commissions!

b) You can bring your customers in without prior booking, yet in that case please be prepared that we can be occupied with other groups. Still, you can either wait a little or join the ongoing presentation with our permission..

c) Do subscribe either to our pages in social networks or to our group in Viber so that you stay on top of changes in working hours and other news.

d) We kindly ask you to register with us as private guides and send us your basic information, e.g. your name, phone number and city you work in (if you deem that necessary), as well as any other data you think we should know about you and your line of work, e.g.Tours for kids! VIP customers! Bilingual groups etc.


Those who opt to register with us will be able to:

*Get notifications about all the news and changes directly from us

*Get an opportunity to get in touch with various emergencies (forgotten things, forgotten tourists ), miscalculations etc.)

*Get an opportunity to adjust timing and subject of the presentation on the go

*Get information, including tasting of all our products.

*Make it easier for us to account for purchases that your customers make with us and offer discounts.

*Get access to new customers via our references.



Your can get pure springs’ water in our shop free of charge. We do have disposable tableware yet we kindly ask guides to help us care about the environment and remind the tourists to carry their own bottles for water with them. 


We do not have a W/C for the customers and should not offer it to our guests according to requirements of the Ministry of Tourism of Cyprus.

The closest W/C is within 3 minutes’ walk from us at the parking near the police station


The largest parking is located right opposite the police station.

During workdays it is usually possible to park across the street from us.