1. Cashiers, sellers, cleaners, temporary workers.

According to the labor laws of the Republic of Cyprus we are not entitled to hire students, migrants or persons that reside in the island with the ‘Visitor’ status, as well as citizens of non-EU countries.
We occasionally have vacancies for cashiers/sellers both for permanent and temporary employment (trade shows participation, replacement of existing personnel etc.) We have no discriminating requirements and we are happy to work with any honest and hard-working employee. Working with us might be challenging, yet is definitely interesting and offering opportunities for growth!
Pay is average by existing market standards, sellers/cashiers might have special bonus arrangements based on sales.

2. Highly skilled employees.

As any other international company operating in Cyprus, we are entitled to offer work visas for our highly skilled employees at top positions. However, we do not hire individuals that position themselves as ’office workers’, you should possess both skills and experience in your trade to be able to qualify for the work visa.

3. Freelancers

We will be happy to cooperate with you, see details here « I want to suggest my product or service»