For Schools


We are always happy to meet and entertain our younger guests!

 The real chocolate doesn’t just bring joy, it helps develop creativity, improves memory and have a positive effect on intellectual activity!


 Schools can arrange with us:

  1. Factory visits with presentations on chocolate production
  2. Chocolate-making workshops
  3. Cooking clubs that suit your school schedule. They would include several different workshops devoted to history of chocolate, technology of chocolate production, geography of cacao and basics of healthy nutrition. The kids will learn what the equator is, won’t mix up Africa and Americas and will learn navigating world map, will learn the story behind discovery of America and who lived their prior to Columbus and much more!


Minimum number of kids in the school group is 15, maximum - 25 kids.

We welcome all ages starting from 4-5 years! 

We have special prices for school groups!

We can carry out activities ordered by schools both at our and at the schools’ premises. A visit to our premises can be conveniently ammended with a visit to Sparti roap adventure park!


Call and mail us, we will find the format of activities that perfectly suits you!