We gladly welcome anyone who wants to be work with us, be a part of our team, and share our love and passion for chocolate

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Shops and café


We welcome any cooperation and will be glad to support any initiative based on our products, yet we do have some requirements that you should take into account and that relate to way of storing out products.

(Conditions are different for chocolate bars and chocolate candies)

 Chocolate bars:

  1. Temperature under which chocolate bars are stored should not exceed 20-22С, while air humidity must be under 60%. Bars are not recommended for storing in the refridgerator. They are not afraid of low temperatures per se, but will catch condensed moisture while being carried from cold to warmth. In the latter case humidity and sharp change of temperature will provoke acceleration of oxidation, which in turn can cause deterioration both in the sight of the products and their taste.

If your premises are well-conditioned then no additional equipment is needed to store and sell chocolate bars.

  1. We do not ship chocolate bars for consignment, yet if you do have some of our bars unsold we can repurchase them under certain conditions.
  2. If you need a special type of chocolate that better answers specifics of your operations we can develop a proprietary design according to your request. The minimum order size is 2 kg, possible bars’ weight is 100, 50 and 5 grams.

 Cost of packing depends on specifics of your inquiry.

  1. We recommend to start sales of our chocolate with tasting sessions. We will carry out a free tasting for you at your premises for your customers. Tasting sessions appeal to both existing customers and the new customers that would be attracted to your premises following tasting adds.
  2. We carry out an obligatory tasting session for your personnel before the first shipment.
  3. Along with the first shipment you’ll get a free tasting sets which you will be able to offer your customers on your premises. The sets will be replenished in accordance with the sales volume.

 Chocolate candies

  1. Chocolate candies must be stored in either dedicated showcases or refridgerators under temperature of 5-7C.
  2. We can offer you our showcases subject to preliminary arrangement.
  3. We do not ship chocolate candies for consignment and we are not able to buy back unsold candies.
  4. We can manufacture candies to every taste, hence we recommend the following course of actions for the process of candies’ ordering::

 a) make an educated guess on how many types of (and which) candies you would like to offer your customers, and relate your thoughts to us. Your plans can be expressed both in terms of particular fillings for the candies or in terms of description of desired qualities of future candies, e.g. ‘vegan’, ‘crispy’, ‘marmalade’ etc.

 b) estimate what time interval you are going to plan the sale of candies for and what should the order size be.

 c) do you have specific requirement to appearance and weight of the candies: shape, colour etc.

 d) assign the desired price for the candies. Our price list for a candy is 2 euro apiece but we can make candies both more and less expensive by changing their design or weight.

 e) drop us a letter with your plans and requests – we will develop designs and set up a meeting for discussion of details. We are extremely open-minded and strive to make all our customers happy.

  • every batch of candies is shipped with both date of production and due date notifications on the package. Not following the agreed sales time intervals and recommended storage conditions can represent a basis for a cease of cooperation.

 Other types of cooperation:

 If you would like to collaborate with us, but cannot yet ensure pre-conditions for sales of chocolate, you can always start by selling the following products:

  1. Cacao tea
  2. Cacao beans of different sorts
  3. Gift certificates
  4. Tailored chocolate figurines.

  You can also buy for your business needs and at special prices from us the following products:

 - Cacao paste

 - Cacao butter

 - Cacao wella


If interested:

Reach out to us at with a note in the subject of the letter: «Collaboration. Shop/caffe»

Companies and Corporate Customers


 We offer the following the following forms of cooperation to our corporate customers:

  1. Manufacturing of chocolate corporate souvenirs
  2. Gifts for employees and their kids for different occasions
  3. Workshops dedicated to work with chocolate at the corporate parties or teambuilding activities.


 We know nothing of impossible.

 Everything is possible with chocolate!


Maximum time span for the first order of tailored chocolate souvenirs requiring special design is three months, the following orders can be shipped within a week.

 If you need something special, but are limited in time – let us know, we will pick a nice alternative for you.


Franchise and Partnership


We do not sell franchises yet, but we are open for discussion of various forms of cooperation.

For Schools


We are always happy to meet and entertain our younger guests!

 The real chocolate doesn’t just bring joy, it helps develop creativity, improves memory and have a positive effect on intellectual activity!


 Schools can arrange with us:

  1. Factory visits with presentations on chocolate production
  2. Chocolate-making workshops
  3. Cooking clubs that suit your school schedule. They would include several different workshops devoted to history of chocolate, technology of chocolate production, geography of cacao and basics of healthy nutrition. The kids will learn what the equator is, won’t mix up Africa and Americas and will learn navigating world map, will learn the story behind discovery of America and who lived their prior to Columbus and much more!


Minimum number of kids in the school group is 15, maximum - 25 kids.

We welcome all ages starting from 4-5 years! 

We have special prices for school groups!

We can carry out activities ordered by schools both at our and at the schools’ premises. A visit to our premises can be conveniently ammended with a visit to Sparti roap adventure park!


Call and mail us, we will find the format of activities that perfectly suits you!

Guides and tour operation




We take in tourist groups.

Depending on the group size and frequency of visits we offer the following::

  1. Travel agencies with regular tours and groups starting from 15 people:

If you would like to include our factory in your scheduled route, please pay attention to the following factors:

a) We do have days and hours that have been pre-booked by another agencies/activities, so please make sure you let us know about your plans. Please inform us, at least a day prior to the visit, about the number of groups planned, headcount of tourists and expected timing of the visits.

b) We make a fascinating presentation for our travel groups whereby we tell the story of chocolate and offer 8-9 kinds of chocolate for tasting.

Average stop-by time of tourist groups with us is 30-40 minutes.

c) We carry out tentative/informative presentation for the travel guides in the beginning of the season, in April.

d) Any changes in timing, plans or routes should be related to us asap via Viber. It is necessary to avoid groups’ overlap.

  1. Private guides:

a) We neither charge for our presentations nor pay commissions!

b) You can bring your customers in without prior booking, yet in that case please be prepared that we can be occupied with other groups. Still, you can either wait a little or join the ongoing presentation with our permission..

c) Do subscribe either to our pages in social networks or to our group in Viber so that you stay on top of changes in working hours and other news.

d) We kindly ask you to register with us as private guides and send us your basic information, e.g. your name, phone number and city you work in (if you deem that necessary), as well as any other data you think we should know about you and your line of work, e.g.Tours for kids! VIP customers! Bilingual groups etc.


Those who opt to register with us will be able to:

*Get notifications about all the news and changes directly from us

*Get an opportunity to get in touch with various emergencies (forgotten things, forgotten tourists ), miscalculations etc.)

*Get an opportunity to adjust timing and subject of the presentation on the go

*Get information, including tasting of all our products.

*Make it easier for us to account for purchases that your customers make with us and offer discounts.

*Get access to new customers via our references.



Your can get pure springs’ water in our shop free of charge. We do have disposable tableware yet we kindly ask guides to help us care about the environment and remind the tourists to carry their own bottles for water with them. 


We do not have a W/C for the customers and should not offer it to our guests according to requirements of the Ministry of Tourism of Cyprus.

The closest W/C is within 3 minutes’ walk from us at the parking near the police station


The largest parking is located right opposite the police station.

During workdays it is usually possible to park across the street from us.


1. Cashiers, sellers, cleaners, temporary workers.

According to the labor laws of the Republic of Cyprus we are not entitled to hire students, migrants or persons that reside in the island with the ‘Visitor’ status, as well as citizens of non-EU countries.
We occasionally have vacancies for cashiers/sellers both for permanent and temporary employment (trade shows participation, replacement of existing personnel etc.) We have no discriminating requirements and we are happy to work with any honest and hard-working employee. Working with us might be challenging, yet is definitely interesting and offering opportunities for growth!
Pay is average by existing market standards, sellers/cashiers might have special bonus arrangements based on sales.

2. Highly skilled employees.

As any other international company operating in Cyprus, we are entitled to offer work visas for our highly skilled employees at top positions. However, we do not hire individuals that position themselves as ’office workers’, you should possess both skills and experience in your trade to be able to qualify for the work visa.

3. Freelancers

We will be happy to cooperate with you, see details here « I want to suggest my product or service» 

Product suggestions



If you want to make a product suggestion (including your own): 

Reach out to us at with a note in the subject of the letter: «A suggestion»

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