What equipment should I have?

We currently don't sell any chocolate-making equipment, but are planning to do so in the future!  

What do I need to make chocolate at home? 

 If you are going to start from cacao paste you don’t need special equipment.

2.1 Infrared thermometer 

Only one thing you need is infrared thermometer. You can buy it in a store with measuring tools. We use special for chocolate production, but you can buy ordinary non-contact infrared thermometer in a hardware store.


2.2 Equipment for heating chocolate, as:

  • Microwave 
  • Bain marie (water bath or double boiler)
  • Chocolate melting tank


2.3. Moulds for chocolate 

There are many of them that you can buy in the special hobby stores.

There are:

  • Professional polycarbonate molds
  •  Silicone molds
  •  Polypropylene molds