Workshops for kids

1 hour

35 euro/kid     

For kids accompanying adults or school groups, there is a special price - 15 euro/kid!


Min. kids: 4


Do you feel that your child wants to feel him/herself as a creator and enjoy a delicious chocolate at the same time? Then it is what you’ve been looking for! During 1 hour we will create an exclusive design (by your child) chocolate, using different flavors and ingredients (such as nuts or fruits). And not to be bored while chocolate is freezing, we will learn just a bit of the history of the chocolate and will taste A LOT OF different CHOCOLATE to make sure that you child know that learning can be sweet. All made products will be gently pack (not for long, we afraid :) ) to become an admiration of the whole family.


NB1: We always happy to unite Children and Adult Workshops thus families can make chocolates together! So you do not need to order two events for kids and adults separately. For mixed workshop, the price will be 15 euro/kid and 35 euro/adult

NB2: We have special proposal for school groups, please contact us for detailed information.

NB3: We can organize the workshop in your place. Prices for outsides events depends of age, number of participants and distance, please contact us for detailed information.


For the information and booking please contact us via


Phone number: +357 99 469212