Workshops for adults

Adult Workshop - Making Chocolate Bars

1 hour

35 euro/adult

Min. people: 4


Do you want to make sure that your chocolate is made with best quality and by the best chocolatier? We are ready to give you an opportunity to try to make it by yourself! We will provide you with our chocolate, fillings and knowledge. Beside the magic procedure of making chocolate, we will love to tell you about how that small cacao bean became a chocolate bar that you are eating, as well as a journey chocolate have made from ancient time to our days. Don’t miss a unique chance to make something incredibly delicious with your own hands.

NB1: We always happy to unite Children and Adult Workshops thus families can make chocolates together! So you do not need to order two events for kids and adults separately. For mixed workshop, the price will be 15 euro/kid and 35 euro/adult


Adult workshop - Making Chocolate Candies

3 hours

50 euro/person

Min. people: 4

Do you feel brave enough to stand 3 hours looking and working with chocolate but not eating it? Then welcome to our 3 hours workshop! With you we will start from the beginning. We will melt chocolate, temper it, chose your personal filling for bars and candies, make chocolate bars and go through all 3 stages of making candies. Don’t forget an impressive amount of knowledge and different facts that you will learn during this 3 hours! If you feel that you are patient enough to make all the way through book your workshop now!


NB1: We do not recommend this workshop for kids under 12 years old, but it always are at your discretion. The price for kids also 50 euro/person.

NB 2: We have special proposal for big Companies. It could be very good team building event or //////for your Company, please contact us for detailed information.

NB 3: We can organize the workshop in your place. Prices for outsides events depends of age, number of participants and distance, please contact us for detailed information.


For the information and booking please contact us via


Phone number: +357 99 469212